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What is the most ideal time to plow?

The best time to plow would be immediately after a snowfall. Plowing immediately will prevent the snow from getting hard before it is plowed. However if snowfall gets heavy enough it would be ideal to make a pass during a light spot of the storm. This will keep the snow from piling up making it difficult to even walk outside.

Where should I move the snow?

Pushing the snow towards the center of a yard is most ideal however not always possible. Never build snow up against the foundation of the house as this can cause pipes to freeze and burst! Always make sure to come up with a plan for snow locations BEFORE the season starts.

What is the cost?

Each contract with AKRO SnowRemoval will be customized for your home. We have an average cost breakdown on our prices page however prices shown may decrease or increase depending on your needs. 

What do I do about curved driveways?

Before snowfall it is best to stake your driveway with snow markers. This will give the plow driver an idea of where to plow.

What shovel should I be using?

When choosing a shovel it is always best to speak to your local supplier. We recommend a C shape shovel for pushing soft fluffy snow. Although if there is heavy wet snow you might want to consider an S shaped shovel. 

Should I use salt?

Rock salt is a very powerful snow melter. However it could eat through concrete and cause some hefty bills for the spring. If you experience any ice formation which someone could possibly slip on we always recommend salt, if you have a fragile floor sand, kitty litter, wood chips are all great at adding traction when needed. 




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